Watershed Remediation

Most communities in semi rural / urban areas depend on clean water from nearby streams, rivers and lakes. As unplanned growth and development occur nearby these communities experience the challenges and costs of watershed deterioration and it’s impacts.

Watershed Remediation

The primary source of water quality impairment is non-point source pollution and subsequent flow into
nearby sensitive water bodies. This often leads to:

Moodna Creek Watershed, Orange County NY

• Flooding (during major storm events)

• Deterioration of drinking water resources• Shore erosion

• Water quality deterioration affecting surrounding environment and eco-system

• Loss of recreational assets

Renewage works with a group of leading watershed experts including academics, innovative engineers and other environmental scientists, who have developed effective, economical, ecological and approve-able treatments that:

• Preserve open space throughout a watershed
• Encourage and protect shorelines and shore development
• Mitigate flooding
• Improve water quality throughout the watershed and sub-watersheds
• Improve drinking water quality
• Remediate both large and small impaired water bodies

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