Storm Water Management

Renewage’s ecological wetland storm water technology is the most effective means of managing and treating storm water run-off to control flooding and protect water resources, while limiting sediment and nutrient loading into sensitive water bodies.


Ecological Hazard Mitigation Planning

Wappingers Falls Stormwater Wetland VIDEO:

 A unique and effective storm water retention system that manages storm water runoff and cleans it before loading into sensitive water bodies.

Renewage’s gravel wetland storm water treatment prevents flooding and unwanted run-off to surrounding development and lands.

The system dramatically reduces sediment, carbon, nitrogen phosphorus, leachates and other unwanted pollutants from flowing downstream, protecting water quality and drinking water aquifers.

Sub-surface flow gravel wetlands trap and treat 80-90% of sediment and suspended solids. A unique flushing system rejuvenates the wetland cell. Accumulated sediment is safely flushed, enhancing treatment and extending the life of the system indefinitely.

Storm water run-off can be treated to below the capability of alternative treatments and well under the limits of most regulatory criteria for disposal.

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