Meet Our Team

Renewage is a group of leading hydrology engineers, environmental scientists, designers and planners.

Steven Gruber – President  LEED AP
A leading ecological waste-water treatment consultant,  Mr Gruber’s has over 25 years background in green building and land development.  Steven Gruber has a unique expertise in planning and management that utilize sustainable technologies.  His projects are residential industrial and commercial. Recognizing the importance and value of sustainability and low impact design in de-centralized communities, he partnered with the engineers who developed the Advanced Engineered Wetland system to promote and utilize this green technology in practical and innovative ways, bringing sustainable technology and ethical enterprise together.  Today Mr. Gruber is one of the foremost authorities on its application for both residential and commercial uses.

Frederick Lambiase  – Co-founder/CFO
The respected architectural firm, Lambiase Design has, since 1985, been based in The Hamptons, NY, one of America’s most celebrated communities covering a vast rural area.  His experience in creating admired new buildings, commercial and residential, and updating classic residences in rural and coastal terrains, equips him uniquely for his pioneering of Renewage as the smart alternative.  He is one of the leading authorities on the design and installation of Renewage and its practical application in creative and sustainable land use.

David Whitney – Lead Engineer
The lead engineer and founder of EcoSolutions, a world leader in environmental and ecological design, and the principal engineer of Renewage.  Mr. Whitney has installed many Engineered Wetlands in the North Eastern US for private and public uses, and abroad for the State Dept. at US embassies in Africa and elsewhere. An engineering / consulting / designer specializing in the application of ecological design principles to wastewater, stormwater and site-planning projects, Mr. Whitney designs, builds, operates and maintains all its innovative projects.  Mr. Whitney has a Master’s in Environmental Engineering at the University of Vermont, where he helped develop an interdisciplinary wetland research collaborative.  His vision is integrated design that combines function and aesthetics by matching infrastructure to the landscape.David Whitney provides integrated solutions for low impact development, waste and storm water treatment.

David J. Maciolek, P.E. –  Senior Engineer
Mr. Maciolek has over 20 years of full-time engineering experience primarily related to water and wastewater management, including treatment systems for municipal, commercial/industrial and small scale wastewater and stormwater flows.  He is recognized as a co-developer and the lead engineer of the Living Machine® Systems, advanced wetland systems for wastewater and stormwater treatment.  Mr. Maciolek has overseen or had significant involvement in the design, construction and commissioning of over twenty–three systems for wastewater and stormwater treatment since 1998.
Mr. Maciolek is a registered professional engineer in twelve states.

Mark O. Liner, P.E. – Senior Engineer
Mark. Liner is a wastewater engineer specializing in the design of treatment systems for industrial facilities. He has designed some of the largest natural treatment systems in the world including a 350,000 m3/d aerated lagoon for an oil production facility in Colombia, a 4,500 kgBOD/d wetland treatment system at Buffalo Airport in NY, and a 7,600 m3/d cyanide treatment  system for a Gold Mine in Suriname. He has worked as project manager for large design/build plants as well as lead designer for large facilities employing “first in the ground” innovative technologies. With a broad international experience and deep expertise in various wastewater technologies, Mr. Liner provides senior leadership for the engineering team..

Evan Fitzgerald, M.S. –  Environmental/Watershed Scientist
Evan Fitzgerald is an environmental scientist that specializes in applied watershed science and ecology. Evan Fitzgerald is dedicated to providing design services that protect water quality through the use of innovative low impact development (LID) principles. Evan has extensive experience using rainfall-runoff modeling techniques (NRCS TR55 and TR20 methods) for the design of stormwater treatment practices (STP) following VTANR regulations. Evan recently developed a tool using Stella modeling software that incorporates the TR55 platform into a simulation model, which evaluates the cost-effectiveness of LID designs. Evan employs various runoff modeling techniques, and Stella modeling tools, along with other GIS applications, in the evaluation of alternative STP designs for project sites.

William Gruber  Director (Renewage Canada)
William Gruber has been a well respected and successful land developer in southern Ontario for over 40 years.  His projects range from multi tenancy housing to large industrial and commercial installations.  Mr Gruber is an innovative and creative developer with extensive experience in land assembly, financing, permitting, building, sales, brokerage and management for both public and private projects.  William was an early visionary in the process of bringing green and sustainable waste-water treatment technologies together with enterprise capital and innovation in de-centralized communities in central Canada.