About Us

Renewage is an ecological water treatment consultant.  We offer a wide variety of innovative “on-site” wastewater solutions and stormwater practices that provide water quality improvement and  hazard mitigation. Renewage services de-centralized residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural businesses and communities.


Renewage LLC was founded in 2009 and has offices in Bridgehampton New York, Hoboken New Jersey and Renewage Canada Ltd in Toronto Ontario.

We work primarily in the North East United States and central Canada.

Our team partners have designed, built, installed and managed numerous projects in many areas of the US and Canada, and around the world

Renewage is a network of innovative, leading engineers, environmental scientists, planners, academics, architects, and builders whose objective
is to provide sustainable, natural, economical and ecological wastewater treatments.  Renewage projects provide Green034_WF_SW_Renewage's Steven Gruber & Fred Lambiase Infrastructure solutions.

Our treatments are low energy, low cost alternatives to conventional treatment approaches. They support new “smart growth” development, and the remediation of obsolete wastewater treatment infrastructure. We provide long-term solutions while reducing long-term costs to end users.

Renewage utilizes a variety of proven and permitted bio-mimicry natural waste-water treatment technologies.

We provide unique bio-regenerative wetland technologies treat large and small flow domestic and industrial waste-waters.

Renewage is the exclusive distributor of Busse Green Technology in New York and
elsewhere.  Our ecological storm-water systems provide flood resiliency,  and treat storm-water run-off before re-loading Busse,_gardens_&_Virtual_tour_026into sensitive water bodies.  Renewage uses Best Management Practices that have low operational costs and unlimited life cycles.

Renewage assesses the big picture, evaluating the entire eco-system, integrating a wide variety of sustainable wetland treatments and remediation solutions.

We are currently working on projects in the Hudson Valley of New York and Ontario.

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